Women: Servants of God

womenservantsLeft Window Pane

One particular room in the church is closely related to the busy activity of the Chancel Guild. This is the Chancel Guild workroom. The subjects chosen for the windows outside this room are four women of the Old Testament.

The first window shows Rebecca holding a water pitcher. She was at the well when the servant of Jacob came seeking a wife for Isaac. When he asked Rebecca for water, she answered him so courteously that he chose her. Miriam, the sister of Moses, is shown in the lower portion of the window. She is shown among the rushes where she hid to watch the fate of the infant Moses who she placed in a floating basket to save his life.

Right Window Pane

Ruth’s story is found in the Old Testament. In the second window she is shown holding stalks of wheat. Boaz saw her in the field gleaning and was drawn to her beauty and virtue. He told his reapers to be careful to leave some for her. She became his wife and was an ancestress of Jesus the Savior.

Occupying the lower half of this window is Esther. She was a beautiful Hebrew woman who became the wife of the Persian king, Ahasuerus, and queen of a great nation which extended from India to Ethiopia. She managed to use her offfice to defeat an evil plot led by the wicked Haman who resolved to persecute and destroy the Jews. Through her activity her people were spared.