Wittenberg Project

Wittenberg ProjectFor many years now Redeemer has been supporting the Wittenberg Project. Wittenberg, Germany is the birthplace of the Reformation, where Martin Luther lived, taught, wrote, and preached. Today Wittenberg, like the rest of former Eastern Germany, is 85% agnostic and atheist. So this is where we come in!

In an effort to reach out to the local community in Wittenberg, establish a visitor center for Lutheranism, and house international scholars for research and teaching, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod along with its partner Church in Germany (The Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church) purchased a building dating back to the 1500’s directly across from St. Mary’s Lutheran Church.

In 2017, millions of people from throughout the world will be streaming through Germany to celebrate the Reformation, particularly Martin Luther’s contribution to it, if not his genesis of it. This new center in Wittenberg will be positioned to bring his teachings from Scripture to life for those who walk through its doors. If you would like to learn more about the Wittenberg Project, visit it in Germany, or are interested in donating toward it, click here.