The Victorious Lamb of God

lambofgodThe Victorious Lamb of God window is located above the north entrance to the main narthex. This was the last window installed in the church. Space for this window was created when the main narthex was enlarged in 1986.

This window was designed and executed by the Ann Willet Stained Glass Atelier of Springhouse, Pennsylvania. Thus, the quality and workmanship is identical to earlier windows. Ann Willet Kellogg was artisan and member of the studio family until she established her own studio.

The title of the window is The Victorious Lamb of God. The design focuses attention on the central figure, while providing a light background for northern exposure. The Lamb, bearing the Victory Banner, is based on John 1:29. The image also draws from the twenty-eight passages in the Revelation of St. John containing references to Christ as the triumphant Lamb of God Who redeemed us by His blood and is worthy to receive eternal praise and thanksgiving. Fittingly, the window serves not only as an expressive symbol of faith professed by this congregation, but also as a central theme for all the windows in the church. This theme declares that Christ the Redeemer is the central focus of our worship. He is “God’s Unspeakable Gift” and our Savior.