The Resurrection Window

theresurrectionIntimately associated with the Cross is the Resurrection Window located in the balcony. The Resurrection Window has as its focal point Jesus rising from the empty tomb. He holds the victory banner, symbolic of triumph over sin and death. Imprinted on the tomb is a butterfly, symbolizing the resurrection for all. The caterpillar stands for life on earth. The cocoon is the grave that will surrender its victims by the power of the Risen Lord. God’s hand is extended toward His Son in benediction. Angels praising the trumpets are joined with the chalice and crown.

This window was originally located above the altar in the chancel of the first church building. This chancel space is now occupied by the pipes for the organ. The first window created was provided as a memorial to Rev. Henry C. Hemmeter, Pastor of Redeemer from January, 1938, to June, 1941. In June of 1941, Rev. Hemmeter entered the U.S. Chaplaincy. He died in New Guinea during December of 1943. The window was moved from its original location to the present location when the building was expanded in 1958. Today the window provides a bridge between the redeeming work of the Lord and the beginning of the New Testament Church.