The Church of Today

thechurchoftodayLeft Window Pane

The final group of windows bearing the title, The Church of Today, is a unique departure in style and subject matter from the others. In these lancets the Christians who make up the Church in our time, and in our location, are gathered. While not all occupations and callings are included, those that appear are intended to be symbolic of any not found. Each of the Christians portrayed is holding some identifying object.

In the first lancet are a mailman, a doctor (in the presentation, a woman), a secretary, a surveyor and a farmer. Each representation is a reminder that the Church is at work in the world.

In the medallion at the bottom are a plow, a scythe and a sheaf of wheat. These are reminders of the agricultural role of many of God’s people, especially in this region. In the background are a lighted lamp, a microscope, pharmacist’s mortar and pestle. In the bottom corner are the builder’s trowel, hammer, and plumb line. These are all used in honorable occupations by those in the Church of Today.

Center Window Pane

This window points specifically to the families of Redeemer. They are gathered around Word and Sacrament to praise and thank God for His unending gifts of every kind. Most of all, these families thank God for the gift of His Son, our Savior and Lord.

The pastor stands at the top proclaiming the Word of God to the hearers. Beneath are a father and mother and their two children. In the border are a book, cross, mother’s needle, scissors, and thimble.

The medallion at the bottom contains a chi rho superimposed over a view of Redeemer Lutheran Church. This shows that Christ is indeed the One Who is honored in this place of worship and in these windows. The Golden Anniversary Crosses appear in bold setting.

The two secondary symbols in these borders are combined to show the tools of the stained glass artist. Pliers, soldering iron and glazing nails are grouped with a window frame. The palette, knife, and paint brushes of the glass painter are in the bottom right corner. The wide brush is a badger blender which is peculiar to glass painting.

Right Window Pane

Here we have a graduate, a judge, a carpenter, a chemist and a machinist. The judge represents both the system of American justice and the legal profession.

The tools in the medallion below are a forge, hammer, and tongs of the metal worker. The secondary symbols in this lancet have to do with the arts. They include the triangle and T-square of the architect, the lyre for the musician, the artist’s palette and mahl stick, and pens and ink for the author.

Thus, members are reminded that the Church is the Spiritual Body of Christ. Each member has a functioning part to be included in the work for the Savior’s Kingdom.

The garb of those portrayed in the group of today is distinctly modern and expressive of the move into new technology and specialized activity. This is designed to give God the praise and honor due His holy and blessed Name. Windows are also tools for teaching God’s people the facts of the past and the honor of the high and holy calling of God in Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, whom we praise and love.