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StainedGlassPageWindows of Redeemer

The stained glass windows created by the Willet Studios in Philadelphia were designed and executed for Redeemer. They tell the story of Jesus Christ and His ongoing Church in a chronological order. The format uses medallions and alternates red and blue backgrounds. There is one scene and one related symbol in each panel. The area between the medallions and borders was kept light so the church would not become too dark in the daytime. In this light area some decorative effects and secondary symbols were added in glass paint. The method for fabricating the windows is similar to methods employed in medieval cathedrals in Europe. Windows from that era are some of the greatest masterpieces the world has ever produced.

The sixty-two windows that comprise the Redeemer collection are built around and supplementary to two windows which have illuminated the sanctuary for nearly three decades. These windows are the Nativity Rose Window and the Hemmeter Memorial Resurrection Window. In 1958 the Resurrection Window was moved from its original location at the east or chancel-end of the original nave, (now the west nave) to the north of the new main nave. Both windows were built by the Willet Studios in 1947. The location of these two windows dictated a specific pattern for the iconography, or subject matter, for the new windows. They also provided a lovely thematic setting.

The windows accentuate the life and work of the Redeemer. They begin with the Incarnation and end by showing His continuing influence on people in the world of today. The windows proceed in a clockwise manner from the west nave, reaching an appropriate climax in the Resurrection window. This leaves us looking to the Risen Redeemer Who will lead His church in the future as He has done in the past.

All of the windows have been provided through the joyful and dedicated love of individuals. These individuals desire to gratefully remember God’s saving blessings to loved ones. His gift of forgiveness makes a life of service to Him possible. Thanks be to Him who loved all men and is the Redeemer of all.