Redeemer’s Heritage

Heritage3Heritage1Looking forward to the year 2017, not only will the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation be commemorated at Redeemer Lutheran Church, but 100 years of God’s continued blessings will be celebrated as well. Founded in 1917, today Redeemer is a congregation of over 1000 members with around 25% of its membership age 18 and younger. Enjoying a central location in Lincoln, we are blessed to have member families living throughout the area who participate weekly in the life of our parish family.


Redeemer has just completed the remodeling of the undercroft of our sanctuary. This project included an update to our fellowship hall and kitchen among other areas. Currently,  we are pouring a new concrete parking lot as well as expanding it to accommodate more parishioners.  In the connecting webpages you can learn more about our ministries, but please find a brief timeline of significant events in the life of our church below:

  • 1917 “The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer” is Chartered in Lincoln
  • 1917 The New Church Begins Worship in English at 1425 South Street in a Storefront
  • 1917 The Rev. O.F. Engelbrecht Becomes Redeemer’s First Pastor
  • 1920 The Rev. A.T. Bartling Becomes Redeemer’s Second Pastor
  • 1922 Church Relocates to the Northwest Corner of 12th & D
  • 1925 The Rev. Peter C. Krey Becomes Redeemer’s Third Pastor
  • 1925 Church’s Name Changes To “Our Redeemer Lutheran Church”
  • 1926 The Rev. Arthur J. Doege Becomes Redeemer’s Fourth Pastor
  • 1938 The Rev. Henry C. Hemmeter Becomes Redeemer’s Fifth Pastor
  • 1938 Church’s Name Changes to “Redeemer Lutheran Church”
  • 1940 Church Relocates 3935 Randolph to Explore Moving East in Lincoln
  • 1941 The Rev. Melvin J. Tassler Becomes Redeemer’s Sixth Pastor
  • 1942 Church Facility at 12th & D is Sold
  • 1942 Construction on a New Church Building is Delayed by the War Effort
  • 1942 Church Relocates to the Northwest Corner of 14th and B in a Storefront
  • 1942 Church Relocates to 1020 S. 15th Street to a Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • 1947 Church Relocates to 33rd and J Street and the New Church Building is Dedicated
  • 1955 Education Building Built (North Section)
  • 1958 Main Nave Completed & Church Rededicated
  • 1961 Redeemer Aids in Establishing Lincoln Lutheran Junior High School
  • 1968 Redeemer’s Iconic Three Crosses Installed for 50th Anniversary
  • 1969 The Rev. Charles D. Borcherding Becomes Redeemer’s Seventh Pastor
  • 1970 Education Building Expanded (South Section)
  • 1972 Stained Glass Window Project Begins
  • 1983 The Rev. Mark H. Ebert Becomes Redeemer’s Eighth Pastor
  • 1986 Main Narthex Enlarged
  • 1997 Church Office Relocated to Education Building
  • 1999 The Rev. John E. Schmidt Becomes Redeemer’s Ninth Pastor
  • 2000 Chancel Renovation Completed
  • 2001 Redeemer Lutheran Preschool Begins First Year
  • 2007 Playground Constructed North of the Education Building
  • 2009 The Rev. Michael A. Brown Becomes Redeemer’s Tenth Pastor
  • 2017 Redeemer Celebrated Its 100th Anniversary