Old Testament Patriarchs

otpatriarchsLeft Window Pane

The sacristy features the three great patriarchs of the Old Testament along with memorable events in biblical history. Abraham is the father of Isaac, as well as the father of all believers in Christ. His trust in God under trying circumstances is frequently mentioned in the Bible.

Below him is the symbol for Creation. Here, the hand of God is stretching toward the earth. Abraham’s hands are also seen stretched out toward the earth in a gesture of blessing. The heavenly promise was first proclaimed to Abraham when God said, “in you and your seed, shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.” Abraham became the embodiment of the promise of God shortly afer the creation. This promise said that God would richly bless the race of Abraham.

Center Window Pane

Isaac is shown with wood for the funeral pyre on which he was to be sacrificed. He was to be sacrificed by his father in obedience to the instruction of God. The wood is in the shape of a cross. This symbolizes the sacrifice of our Heavenly Father who gave up His own Son, Jesus. Also seen is the ram caught in the thicket by its horns. This ram was used by Abraham in place of Isaac. God stayed Abraham’s hand just before he killed his son.

Below are the Tablets of the Law given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The Commandments were given to Israel as a sign of God’s covenant. These Ten Commandments also related to Isaac. This is because in the later sacrifice of Christ, God’s covenant is replaced by a covenant of grace and forgiveness.

Right Window Pane

Jacob was the third patriarch and the son of Isaac. He is thought to have lived a stormy life because he deceived his father in order to obtain the birthright belonging to his brother, Esau. It was while fleeing from the wrath of his brother that he had a night vision. In this vision he saw a ladder connecting earth and heaven. Angels ascended and descended upon it, while God stood above speaking of the covenant blessing.

The medallion below features the Ark of Noah. It is shown resting on Mt. Ararat following the Great Flood. Above it is the rainbow which symbolizes God’s promise to Noah. This promise states that the earth would never again be destroyed by water. Thus, God’s covenant with Abraham and Isaac is renewed in Jacob who also bears God’s blessings to mankind. From him, and the descendents of his son Judah, the Redeemer of the world would be born.