Miracles of Jesus

miraclesofjesusLeft Window Pane

During His public ministry Jesus is identified with the performance of numerous works which are described as miracles. Though only some thirty are presented in specific detail, countless others are referred to and involved much more than healing.

At the top of this panel Jesus is shown in a boat on the Sea of Galilee. He is stilling the tempest which frightened His disciples. The secondary symbol immediately below is a variation of the chi rho.

The miracles presented here were indeed among the outstanding “credentials of the Messiah.” The panel below illustrates His first miracle, turning water into wine at the marriage feast at Cana. Above the clustered jars is a garland of flowers. The symbol for marriage is a secondary symbol to the left. Two rings are entwined and behind them is a cross. This is to remind us that Christian marriage is the ideal of the New Testament. It emphasizes the uniting of two individuals into one household under the protection and guidance of Christ.

Center Window Pane

Here a boy is sharing his lunch of five loaves and two fish with Jesus. Jesus multiplies the food until it feeds five thousand people. Two apostles are prominent in the foreground. It is Andrew who brought the boy to Jesus. Philip is the other.

The secondary symbol in the upper left is the alpha and omega, referring again to Jesus, the Beginning and the End.

The lower panel shows a net bursting with fish. On two separate occasions when the disciples had been fishing without success, Jesus commanded them to lower their nets again. After obeying, they pulled their nets into the boat and they were bursting with fish. In each case the miracle was symbolic of converting many people. The disciples were to become “fishers of men.” In Luke 5:4-11 we read about the beginning of His ministry and how the disciples decided to follow Him. The latter account is after the Resurrection. Again He calls them to leave their nets. The summons is especially to Peter in the memorable command to “Feed My sheep.”

Right Window Pane

One of the majestic highlights of the Savior’s ministry is the Transfiguration. This festival is now observed in the Christian Church Year.

Peter, James and John accompany Jesus up to a mountain. A little above them they see Him in the company of Moses. Moses is holding the tablets of the law. Elijah also accompanies Jesus, and is holding a raven, the instrument of God and His providence in sustaining His servant. His garments are white and glistening. His poor followers bow down at the sudden revelation of His deity.

In the panel below appears a fish with a coin in its mouth. Peter was commanded by Jesus to catch the fish in order to pay the Roman tax collector the tribute money due the empire.

The flower and cross shapes painted on the background in this and other panels are purely decorative and have no particular significance. They do, however, continually call attention to Jesus, the living Lord and His cross as the source of life for all believers.