Lutheran Malaria Initiative

LMI For the past few years Redeemer has been taking part in the Lutheran Malaria Initiative (LMI) by raising thousands of dollars. Every 60 seconds a child in Africa dies of Malaria. Transmitted by a simple mosquito bite, this need not be the case! Malaria is treatable and preventable. And best of all, you can help!

Donations to LMI go directly to help those in need. That means 100% of your donation – no overhead, no administration fees. You send $10 for a net, it goes for a net! You send $100 for medical supplies, it buys them. You send $1000 to train a medical worker, they are trained. $10, $100, $1000 – 100%.

Learn more about the Lutheran Malaria Initiative in the video below, or go to its website by clicking here.