Jesus’ Healing Ministry

jesushealingministryLeft Window Pane

The theme of these windows is The Healing Ministry of Jesus. They were the first to be designed and installed in the program. These were chosen as a memorial to God’s grace and love in the life of the youngest person recognized in this program. They point to the Christ who heals even the wounds of earthly parting, and also to Jesus who is the Resurrection and Life who reveals His power over the grave.

In this lancet is the account of a young man of the village of Nain. This young man was the only support of a widowed mother. Sadly, the young man dies, leaving his mother alone. The funeral procession is stopped at the city gate by Jesus. Jesus, filled with compassion, orders the boy to rise. In this picture, Jesus holds the boy by his hand.

The lower panel shows Jesus healing a blind man.

The secondary symbols in the upper section are a chi rho (XP) monogram for Jesus Christ and a crown signifying eternal life. Amid decorative flowers is the heraldic rose in the upper left corner of the lower panel. This symbolizes the Messiah.

Center Window Pane

No portrait of the Savior is better known or more expressive than that of the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd gives His life for His sheep, He knows them and is known by them, and He promises that no man shall pluck them out of His hand. In the upper corners are an alpha (left) and an omega (right). These call attention to the words of the Ascended Lord to John in Revelation “I am alpha and Omega… I died and am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades.”

The lower panel contains the Praying Hands modeled after the drawing by Albrecht Durer. Behind these are the three Golden Anniversary Crosses of Redeemer Church, honoring all the young people who have entered the full-time service of the Church.

The anchor in the upper right of this panel is topped by a chi rho. This is a frequently used symbol because Christ is the central theme.

Center Window Pane

There are three occasions in which the Lord demonstrates having the “keys of death” by restoring life from death. This lancet presents a second episode in which Jesus raised a man in miraculous fashion.

This is Lazarus, of Bethany, brother of Mary and Martha. The hospitality of these women to Jesus and His disciples is a thing of note in the Gospels. Jesus was many miles from the little village in the suburban area of Jerusalem when His friend Lazarus died. When Jesus arrived, the sisters both said that if Jesus had been near, their brother would not have died. The women did, however, believe their brother would rise again on the Last Day. That very same day, Jesus summoned Lazarus from the grave.

In the bottom panel Jesus is seen commanding the palsied man to take up his bed and walk. The sick man was lowered into the Savior’s presence through the roof by his friends. This act of healing subjected the Lord to severe criticism by His adversaries. At the same time, there was undying gratitude from all who loved Him.